Bryan “B Jax”Pro Golfer / GGT Concierge

He’s a pro. No really. He’s the GGT’s only official golf pro. When you see this guy’s game you will understand why. This former golfer made a major run at the U.S. Open a few years ago before coming up just short on 18. Now living back in the burbs with his 8 kids, this Virginia native makes money off selling golf clubs instead of using them. Still when B Jax comes to the course he is going to be a treat.


He does everything well, no denying that. His proximity to the hole will rival many of the current PGA tour players. So why isn’t he on tour? See below.


Mediocre putter from mid range. He will have to make a lot of birdies to make his quota. If he knocks it stiff, he’s in good shape to do just that. If not will he be able to make the long bombs for birdie that he needs? Time will tell.


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