Denny “DH” HamlinTour Founder / Commish / Semi-Pro Golfer


Coming into the GGT as one of the favorites this golfer has what it takes to take down the title. Leading the tour in putting he always give himself a chance to sink a par/bogey to stay in the hole when he reaches trouble off the tee. He always brings A-style to tournaments but if he brings his A-game on the course or not will be the deciding factor if he wins the GGT.


As mentioned above he can putt with the best out there. One pro golfer caddie called him “possibly the best amateur putter” he’s ever seen. He also has the ability to get out of trouble when faced with tough shots. Around the green he’s good with his wedges and with most courses playing short he will have them in his hand on most 2nd shots.


Hasn’t been the best tournament player. The stableford format hasn’t been kind to him at previous events like Tahoe. He does struggle at times with hitting fairways. This could be a problem at River Run where the rough is extremely hard to get out of. Speaking of that he does have issues with getting out of the thick stuff regularly.


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