Greg “Big Bear” FornelliTrouble in Turn Two / Amateur Golfer

Hear the roar? That’s the Big Bear. Now the only question is he roaring from sinking a par bomb or lipping out is bogey putt? One big question mark our guys have is whether or not his back will stay healthy enough down the home stretch of a long season. Recent trends on Ghin have this guy moving in the wrong direction. Can he get the ship righted in time?  Lots of data points have been recorded on this golfer and our experts feel like this is the correct line.


Knows the courses. Fairly underrated chipper around the green. Good driver of the ball as far as accuracy. This will be important at courses like River Run where the rough will be thick.


Struggles with distance. Anything over 160 yards this guy is bringing metal. Won’t hurt him too bad as tee boxes are middle of the road, but just wonder about how far he will be out on his 2nd shot. Not the best short range putter. Struggles with leaving the ball low and short. If he can start putting with more confidence, we will feel better about his chances.


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