Josh “JP” PetermanRookie / Amateur Golfer

How is a 23 handicap in the top half of favorites you ask? Potential. He’s prolly the best natural athlete in the field. New to the game of golf, JP has shown moments of greatness. Other times you would think he’s never held a club in his hand before. We believe with a handicap this high, there is no room to go but down. JP will be in a battle with Kyle Larson at season’s end to be most improved player. I would not be surprised to see him put up 4-5 pars in a round, which would put him in a great spot to cash.


Is getting better day by day. If JP gets to the fairway in 1, he usually can put up a decent score. Decent with his low irons and has a new putter stroke that has him poised to make those tough par-bogey putts.


Needs to get off the tee without a penalty stroke. Has a bad habit of topping the ball off the tee or hitting a hard fade to into hazards. Bunkers. If he gets in them, clear out all the women and children. Putting has been a MAJOR issue, but has recently gotten better.

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