Michael “MW” WaltripTalking Head / Amateur Golfer


He loves the game. Sometimes, the game just doesn’t love him back. His odds would be much lower if he could find consistency but that has been his struggle throughout his career. An above average distance guy (for his age) but misses the ball on the thick side more times than not. We actually like him placing in a few events, but winning the overall prize is tough for us to justify based off the info we have.


High ball hitter. Knows how to get the ball up on greens that are tough to get the ball to stop on. Has become more reliable putter from short range. He is longer off the tee than guys with same handicap (just needs to capitalize). Course knowledge. Plays a lot of golf. Actually not out of the question for him to win one event if he puts it all together in 18 holes. Can shoot 83-84 when he’s on.


Course superintendent nightmare. Not on the fairways but the tee boxes. Yes I said tee box. Tends to drop kick his drives more often then not. Not afraid to 3 putt on occasion. This is a problem if you don’t get the ball on the green in regulation. Will have a lot of bogey putts to save points. Will he convert? Only time will tell.


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