Ricky “The Ninja” Stenhouse Jr.Pro Racer / Amateur Golfer

Denny Hamlin 2.0. This lefty has what it takes to put up big points but doesn’t that often. He had great showing just a few weeks ago at Irish so his form is coming in strong at a good time. His handicap has worked its way up over the last 3 months so this may be the time for him to steal a win or two in the regular season. A big key for him is whether or not the wife at home will give him the proper amount of time away from home to work on the range. I see him finishing on the podium in the championship but just not taking home the big prize.


A lot of pros. Long off the tee. Accurate off the tee. Good around the greens with wedges. Solid putter from anything within 20 ft. Has a great sense of Southern style. Look for him to be flying his rebel flag high on gameday.


See all the great things I said above?? Not the best sand player for a guy with single digit index.  So why can’t this guy score?? If it wasn’t for his smokin’ hot girlfriend I would say scoring for him has been a problem his whole life.


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