Ron “ChildStar” HerbertRestaurant Extraordinaire / Great Calves / Amateur Golfer

Mr. Peninsula himself, this golfer is fairly hot right now. Playing the best he’s played in a least a year, he’s primed to make a run. He’s worked his handicap up to almost embarrassing numbers for someone who has played as many years as he has, but that may set him up perfectly if he does actually play well. One of his biggest challenges comes from within. If he can get over the fact that the GGT isn’t playing senior tees and focus on getting better, he would probably be one of the favorites.


Easily one of the best putters on tour. Very rarely do you see him three-putt from anywhere on the green. Great tournament player. Tends to step up when the bright lights are on.


Spends too much time at the gym Snapchatting pictures of his calf muscles. Late nights could be an issue with him having early tee times. This guy likes to chase half his age. Dedication…see above.

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