Tee Sheets

Tournament Results

2018 Player of the Year Standings


Modified Stableford format

Double Eagle:  10 points

Eagle:  7 points

Birdie:  5 points

Par:  2 points

Bogey:  1 point

Double Bogey or Worse:  0 points

*Each players “Quota” points, will be determined from their respective handicap based off a 36 point max for a scratch golfer.  Example:  A 10 handicap must score 26 points to reach their quota; a 6 handicap must score 30 points.


Regular Season (Rounds 1-4 Distribution):

1st:  500
2nd:  350
3rd:  300
4th:  250
5th:  200
6th:  175
7th:  150
8th:  125
9th:  100
10th:  90
11th:  70
12th:  60
13th:  50
14th:  40
15th:  30
16th:  20

Championship Distribution (Rounds 5 & 6 combined):

1st:  900
2nd:  650
3rd:  500
4th:  425
5th:  350
6th:  300
7th:  250
8th:  200
9th:  175
10th:  150
11th:  125
12th:  100
13th:  90
14th:  80
15th:  70
16th:  60


The Champion will be the golfer who has the most accumulated points after the final event is played.  Top-3 will be awarded trophies; Top-5 in year in points will receive money.  1 round will be dropped for each golfer.  The lowest point total for 1 event; NOT the lowest finish.

USGA web

All USGA/PGA Rules are in Effect

Rules of Play


An event will be considered official as long as all golfers have completed at least 9 holes.  IF other golfers have completed more than 9 holes; then ONLY their first 9 holes will be counted.  Ex:  If all golfers have completed 14 holes then the first 14 holes will be used to determine the event winner; even if some golfers have finished their rounds.  IF an event has not been completed then it will be postponed to a later date and will not count as an official event.

Tiebreaker Rules:

Sudden Death Playoff.  1 hole picked by random draw.  Players will receive full handicaps.  Players will replay hole until there is a winner.

  • NO grounding clubs in sand or any other hazard
  • NO moving or touching your ball in the rough
  • Lift, clean and place will be commissioner’s decision before each event
  • Lost Ball: Player must go back to original shot and replay with a penalty stroke assessed.
  • NO gimmies; putt everything out
  • Red Stakes: Drop w/ a penalty stroke, 2 club lengths, no closer to the hole.
  • White Stakes: Must re-tee or hit provisional from original shot
  • Unplayable Balls: Must be identified, pulled out and dropped within 2 club lengths, no closer to the hole
  • NO damaging weeks, limbs, bushes when hitting from a natural area.
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